We are Energetic Beings

While food, water and sleep are important, so is our energetic state. Reiki works with our energy to restore balance in the body.


Stress once in a while is helpful. Chronic stress is damaging. Reiki helps the autonomic nervous system rebalance


Reiki restores the flow of Ki to the vital organs and tissues so that the Ki can nourish the organs for optimal function


Sometimes the flow of Ki is permanently disrupted due to a negative thought that affects organs or tissues.

Optimum Health

Healthy Body

You are what you eat. Not only is it important to eat lots of plant-based foods, it is also important to be grateful for the Earth and farmer who planted the food or nurtured the animal. Doing so allows us to enjoy our meals with family or friends, something that is not done that much anymore

Healthy Mind

Emotions play a big role in Optimum Health. Negative Emotions can get so strong that they completely block the flow of Ki. Over time, the organs that are affected by the block Ki degrade in function, leading to suboptimal health. Reiki can clear these, but Positive Emotions must be part of one's lifestyle.

About Reiki

There are many forms of Energetic Healing, from homeopathy to more esoteric disciplines such as Rolfing. Regardless of the label, all forms move energy. Some input energy into the person's body; others use the energy within the body to effect a healing response. Even pharmaceutical interventions cause the energetics within the body to shift in some way; and not all pharmaceutical interventions are damaging. Reiki is a form of Energetic Healing which uses channeling from a higher source to energetically balance the body's systems for the purpose of better health. One of the most important inputs into a reiki session is the intent of both the practitioner and the person who wishes to heal.

Book About Quantum Fields

I got the inspiration for writing this book from a series of energetic interactions with my dog. As noted in my bio, I have quite a bit of training in Functional Neurology. As I embarked on my training to become a Reike Master, it dawned on me what the connection is between the newest research in brain physiology, quantum physics and chakras. The book is intended for those with very little science or medical background, although the reader needs to understand dog behavior. It is not intended to be a book on dog training.

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